Your commitment to helping abused and neglected children in our community is greatly appreciated and essential to providing a loving environment for our kids. Your donation helped make 2019 a great year for serving children!  It is donors like you that help us provide top quality therapeutic and rehabilitative programs to thousands of abused children who have suffered greatly at the hands of others. Each of our programs were created with the intent to promote positive interactions, beneficial life skills, and individual well-being. This will assist all the children coming through Legacy Ranch to know that they are capable of great things.

We have plans to build an on-site community center that will house our training room, cafeteria, gym, art studio, classrooms.  This center will be an all inclusive place for children and foster parents to interact and grow. It is not uncommon to discover that many of the children we serve have never had the typical experiences that make wonderful childhood memories, like painting a picture and discovering a love of art, learning to bake Christmas cookies that will make a lasting memory turning into a positive tradition, or playing basketball acquiring good communication and team work skills.  These are all examples of opportunities are children have not had while growing up in hotel rooms and surrounded by adults who allow drugs and violence to be the center of their lives. Our community center will replace this destructive heritage and allow for all these positive experiences to occur. We respectfully ask that you consider renewing your partnership with us on this endeavor to make this next growth period a success.



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